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Fashion Friday 101 - What's your Style?

Each Friday Simply Lulu Style is going to bring you Fashion Friday 101!  Fashion tips for the every-day gal. Whether your a working professional, a college gal or a stay-at-home mom, these tips will help improve and be more creative in your style.

People often ask me "What's your style?"  Even today at work, my co-worker said, "You're always so put together and you have kids!  How do you do it?"  My style is pretty simple, not a lot of clutter (as I like to call it).  Mix in classic pieces with a great sweater or blouse, add some jewelry, a great pair of boots, flat or shoes and that will do it.  Simple, uncomplicated.
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My style is ever changing.  Sometimes year by year, and sometimes day by day!  So...  How do you find your style?  Below are some questions to ask yourself.  For fun, I have given you my answers!

  1. Know yourself!  Do you like be daring or are you more conservative?  I like to be somewhere in the middle.   However, my "daring" is certainly not someone else's daring.
  2. Where do you like to shop?  Loft, Gap, Old Navy, Boden are staples.  I do shop at other store as my "fillers".  Places like Forever 21, A&E, Anthropolgie, JCrew, H&M
  3. What do you do on a daily basis?  My days are always different.  One day is spent running errands, going to the gym, dropping the kids at school... the next day is at work, (HR) interviewing candidates in a financial company.  Let's say, I need a well-rounded wardrobe.
  4. Comfort vs. style?  Which do you prefer?  I prefer.... BOTH!   Yes, you can have both ladies!  See this post, here, for more on this topic.
  5. Colors or neutrals?  I love color.  Although in noticing my wardrobe this season, I couldn't help but see that color is M.I.A. from my winter wardrobe.
Developing your style is the next step!  This is SO much fun!  Here are 3 ways to refine your style:
  1. Find inspiration everywere!  Look to your favorite celeb, go to your favorite style magazines and create your own lookbook.
  2. Know your body and focus on the best parts!  Not sure?  Ask someone you trust to help you.
  3. Take stock of your wardrobe.  What classics are you missing?  Do you want to invest in trendy pieces? 
Stay tuned for next week when we'll talk about wardrobe staples!  What are your tips for creating and developing your style?

Christmas is just 4 days away - are you ready?  Have a wonderful weekend loves!
Lulu Soler
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  1. I love your selection!
    Now I´m following you.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would love to follow each other! As for my style, I'd say I naturally gravitate to a more relaxed look. But I also love to glam up and I love edgy looks too so I don't really know how to define my style! lol.


  3. Thanks for the visit, sure that we can follow each other! I follow u now, follow me back as promised


  4. Ciao Lulu :)) I'm from Milano and I like so much your blog and this selection :) We could follow each other if you want and if you like my blog...kiss,Paolo

  5. great stuff!!! I've found your blog and I really like it! Glad to meet you!
    I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  6. I just found your blog and I follow via GFC

    Yours style is good for me too. And I'm not ready to christmas yet...
    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like.


  7. Lovely! Wishing you Happy Holidays my dear!
    Maybe you'd like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN?:)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, I am now following you on BLOGLOVIN :)

  9. great post! xxx
    p.s I always follow back on GFC

  10. Love your style!! Following you!!




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