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A Day in the Life

This is me first thing when I wake up; no make-up, no coffee.  Good morning!

This is my home "office".  It's really a corner of a study that my husband and I share.  I'm hoping...  :) that he'll give me the whole space soon, maybe as a gift!  After I wake up, say good morning to the nuggets, and grab my coffee, this is where you'll find me.  I market Simply Lulu, respond to email, post comments etc.

After I get the blog done for the morning, I focus on getting ready for the day.  Days when I'm not at work we're at the club allllll day in the summer.  This means packing clothes, towels, and lunch.  This is a mess of a pile of food I'm packing for lunch!

My car.  All packed up!  Yes, I carry all these bags into the club.  They are VERY heavy!

This is one area where the kids play.  They love it.  The club we belong to has a fantastic kids program.  This is a picture of "Spider Mountain".  The other area where they play is "Jump Zone", very much like a large Bounce U (if you know that place).  This year they are very excited to go to camp here.  Jack is doing an all sports camp and Ella will be doing gymnastics.

This is the area where I work out.  It's not a huge gym, but I'm so comfortable here.  After I work out, there is a fabulous cafe where I can grab a protein shake, or delicious gluten free cinnamon cake (yes, it's to die for!).

After I work out, I usually take a half hour or so and sit in the sun, alone.  It's a nice quiet time to just relax!  After that I grab the kids, we eat lunch, and play in the water!

When it starts raining and thunderstorming in the afternoon what should you do?  Make a family room beach!

Making dinner for me and the nugs.  Dinner is a little crazy in our house.  The nuggets aren't terrible eaters, but vegetables?  Not a one. So we get them to eat healthy things filled with protein like cheese, eggs, fruit.  I try, but I'm not going to pull out my hair!  The broccoli in the oven is from this recipe!

The day is over for the nuggets.  My night is just beginning.  Blog posts, more marketing, responding to emails from my comfy sofa.  The nuggets get a little kiss when I go up to bed.  Aren't they just precious!

Since Google Reader is shut down, follow along via Bloglovin!
Lulu Soler
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  1. I know that gym! Funny you live so close to me!

  2. I absolutely love your BLOG... THis was my favorite so far. The day in the life of a Mom and her kids.. (nuggets)... I have twins who are 12 and seeing your nuggets make me wish they were still little.. I live in Phildalphia area and am wondering where this amazing club is located? Thanks for the daily blogs!!! I will keep following...

    1. hello! sorry i'm responding so late to this! if you're interested in the name, please contact me via email. thanks for reading!


  3. this is so cool to see a little glimpse into your life!!

  4. Sounds like a crazy busy day! Thanks for a step into your world.

  5. Love that you shared what your day is like! And ah-those nuggets-they are so adorable!

  6. I am a working mom and don't know how SAHM do it - it's a tough job!


  7. Thank you for sharing your day :-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. Hmmm looks like you always have a tiring yet fun day. Still awesome!


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