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Lulu's Love List

This is a light, fresh, and hearty appetizer.  You can use this same dish in large pieces for a wonderful dinner.

  • fresh salmon, uncooked, cut into 2" cubes
  • puff pastry
  • salt
  • fresh ground pepper
For sour cream dill dipping sauce:
  • 8 oz sour cream
  • 2 Tbs. minced dill
  • 1 tsp. sugar
  • 1 Tbs. onion juice (using a spice grater works great)
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp. lemon juice
Prepare salmon with salt and fresh pepper.  Cut puff pastry into squares and wrap around salmon.  Cook in a 375 degree oven until pastry is browned.  

Combine all ingredients for the dipping sauce and stir well.  Enjoy!

My closet, organized!  A total love for me.  I try to clean out my closet a few times a year.  Since I was running out of hangers I knew it was time to do a clean out.

These flowers were picked by my nuggets in the field behind our house.  Our association planted some wild flower seeds and Ella especially loves picking flowers.

My Claire Vivier - OMG.  This clutch is wonderful.  Carry it as a tote clutch or fold-over, it goes well with so many outfits!  Check out my outfits here, here, & here!  Can you tell it's a love!

I'm not much of a protein shake kind of person.  Since I'm such a foodie, I'm VERY picky.  But this one is awesome.  It comes in 3 flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and mocha), chocolate being my favorite.  The best part.. 16 grams of protein!  Yes, you heard (read) right!!!

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Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday!
Lulu Soler
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  1. ahh first off congrats on ur cv clutch :) also how crazy but i just tried salmon for the first time the other day..loved it! will def have to try out this recipe :)

    XO Meghan

  2. A)I am now hungry and it's not even time for breakfast for me. B) Your shoe closet is gorgeous!

  3. Your closet looks AMAZING! And so do those salmon bites, yum! Any recipe with puff pastry is a winner to me. :)

  4. Delicious recipe!! Love the clutch!!
    We follow you with gfc and bloglovin! What about facebook?
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  5. First of all, I would love to have a wonderfully organized (very large) closet. I have yet to really organize it since we moved a year ago! I should put that on my to do list. I am super jealous how you actually have your shoes out and visible. I have to leave mine in the boxes all stacked up because I just don't have the room. I dream of large shelving units full of shoes... Second, I am obsessed with your Clare Vivier clutch. I want one of her clutches SO bad, preferably leopard but beggers can't be choosers :) And third, I may have to try that protein shake. I have a hard time getting enough protein (I'm not a big meat fan) and I am not big on most of those shakes. They taste weird!


  6. I love the flowers picked by your kids! So sweet!

  7. Those apps need to be at my next dinner party! :)

  8. Lulu! You're closet looks amazing...so neat and organized! I love your Clare Vivier clutch! It's gorgeous! I've had my eye on it too! And those salmon bites look bomb dot com lol:)!

  9. Perfect! Please check out my blog at http://www.loveolia.com! Hope you’ll follow via bloglovin!

  10. i'm totally in shoe envy right now!! loveeee!


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