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SheIn -Your Online Fashion Vintage Dress

Day to Night Collaboration

Day Look: shirt, Loft (similar top, loving this from Anthro) |  pants, J.Crew  |  jacket, J.Crew  |  shoes, Tory Burch  |  bag, Tory Burch  |  sunnies, Ray Ban  |  lips, Smashbox: melondrama

Night Look: shirt, Loft (similar top, loving this from Anthro)  |  pants, J.Crew  |  jacket, Vince Camuto, old (similar here, digging this blazer)  |  shoes, Boden  |  bag, Hobo  |  sunnies, Prada  |  earring, J.Crew, sold out (similar earrings)  |  bracelet, J.Crew  |  lips, MAC

Today I'm so excited to be collaborating with the fun and gorgeous Meghan from Citrus Refreshing!  Meghan has beautiful style, perfectly choosing outfits with fabulous accessories.  Take a moment and visit her over at her blog for more details on her look!

Meghan and I are bringing you day to night looks!  I love putting together posts like this to show versatility of clothing pieces.  These utility chinos from J.Crew have to be a favorite purchase for me this season.  They are super comfortable and very slimming.  I wear them a lot!  So by having the top and my chinos as the base for my day to night look, I just changed out the jacket, shoes, and accessories!  

On a different note... Last week was the start of Preschool - YIPEEEEE!  Can you hear me from Philadelphia squealing with delight?  Don't get me wrong I love my nuggets, but every minute of every day of, "Mama, can I do a project?", "Mama, can we make a craft?", "Mama, can I help you?", "Mama, can I have a snack?" (five minutes after the last snack..)...  Well, let's just say it's nice to have a few hours to do what I'd like to do :).  

Nugget story:
After school one day Ella out of the blue asks me, "Mama how did Jesus go up to heaven after he died on the cross?" (she is a deep little girl)  
Me: "Jesus flew up to meet God and God met him with a big hug."
Jack: "I think Jesus picked up his butt and flew"
Now you might think that sounds crazy or disrespectful if you've never seen The Lorax.  If you have, you'll know what that funny kid is thinking about.

Happy Monday, thanks for reading.  Don't forget to click over and visit Citrus Refreshing!

Check out some of my new favorites in Lulu's Shop!

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Lulu Soler
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  1. Loved the first look the most..
    Last day of my Ahai Shopping Giveaway,would love if you can enter
    Keep in touch,

  2. Hello! Thanks for linking up with the collective!! I absolutely adore your blog and I LOVE your style! So glad you linked up and I found your blog.


  3. I love the first look, you two are both so freaking gorgeous! I love day to night posts, they are so inspiring!

  4. Loving your outfits! Seriously, you are making me consider those chinos... Have to try them on for sure...


  5. I absolutely love the leopard shoes!!
    kisses from Milano

  6. Loved all the looks. You girls are so pretty! I need to get a pair of those Tory Birch flats!

    I Pink i Love You

  7. Amazing how just a swap of a few accessories can totally transform the look from day to night! Hope you enjoy some time to yourself while the kids are in preschool :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. I like each of your looks. You ladies have serious style! I haven't watched The Lorax but the story is cute all the same!


  9. All of these looks are super fun! And I love the fact that you're a fellow mom of boy/girl twins. :)

  10. Love both your looks. Love day to night looks. I totally know what you mean about the start of preschool. I love my son with all my heart but I'm so glad to get a small reprieve from him.



  11. Haha! Love the nugget story. And I love The Lorax movie :) You look so fab!


  12. Fabulous collaboration idea! I absolutely love both of your looks (gorgeous but also realistic), and your leopard heels are amazing!


  13. Ooh la la, I love your night look. Soft pastels are amazing on you! Hot mama!

    xx, julie

  14. Love your day and night looks. That top is fabulous. And that story about your daughter is adorable!


  15. Both of these looks are great! I need to get a pair of those chinos!

  16. Both looks are completely chic! Love the subtle colors in the evening look.


  17. I love both your ensembles - both completely wearable and both on-trend without being trendy.

  18. Love both looks! I have a pair of camo jeans that I have not put to good use and I think I can use these looks as inspirations.


  19. I love these looks, so perfect for day to night! I totally feel ya on the kiddos in school thing - love them but something we need a little break! Both my kids started school this year & I have mornings & afternoons to myself!! Yipee!! Oh and so glad I found your blog, so cute & fun!

  20. Both looks are great! I really like how you cuffed the pants differently for each.
    Debbie :)


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