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Beauty Buzz & B-Glowing.com Giveaway!

Today I'm sharing my tips on how to EMPHASIZE your eyes!

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Whether you're laughing or giving the evil eye, your eyes can tell someone a lot about you and what you're thinking.  We all have body parts we like, and ones we don't like so much.  I've always liked having blue eyes (except when I hear the song "Brown Eyed Girl") and hoped that one of my kids would inherit my blues. Alas, they did not (Ella has brown and Jack has hazel green).  

Today I'm sharing the tools I use to emphasize my eyes.  You'll notice I don't have any eyeliner or eyeshadow in the pile.  This is just because I change up my color a lot.  The items I have above are the tools I use every day no matter how I change up my color.  Sorry the numbers are a bit all over the place.  I wasn't really thinking about the order I use them when I snapped the photo.  Here goes!

1.  A good eye cream.  This is the key to not having "cakey" under the eye syndrome.  Philosophy "hope in a tube" is fantastic.  

2.  Tweezers.  Always have them on hand to pluck out those pesky eye brows or eyelashes.  I prefer the pointy tip tweezers, but I think it's all a matter of preference.  

3.  Eyelash curler. This really makes a difference in opening and brightening your eyes.  Even if I'm not going to apply eye make up, I will curl my lashes to look a little more awake.  Start at the very base of your lashes, as much as you can.  Crimp, but not too hard because it will pull out your lashes.  Don't "pump" the curler as this could contribute to breakage.  Continue to crimp up to the tip of your lashes to get a natural curl.

4. & 5.  Brown definer.  Defining the brows is a must when applying eye makeup in my opinion.  I will define my eyebrows if I'm not planning to wear any other eye makeup.  You can use a number of things from a brush to pencil for definition.  I recently thought I would try Benefit Speed Brow.  I tried on in the store and well?  It didn't really give the color that I wanted.  I need sort of a brownish, blonde.  The color was fantastic if you are a darker brunette.  

Then I realized that Clinique makes a small mascara brush designed for your lower lashes and they make it in a brown. Bingo.  I have started using it for my brows!  It also has a better price point than the Benefit. Here's the key.  Wipe off A LOT from the brush.  First I wipe it off in the bottle (waste not, want not).  Then I wipe the brush on a lint free make up clothe.  Have your brow brush ready and use the eyelash brush side to comb through your brows.  I love my Laura Geller's eyebrow brush because of the metal comb (see similar here).

6.  Bottom Lashes.  I apply my bottom lash mascara first (using again the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara) so that I don't smudge my upper lashes.  I have THE craziest bottom lashes and this brush is perfect for trying to grab every little lash I can! 

7. & 8.  Top Lashes. Dior is my favorite and I recently started using the Dior Diorshow Extase. What's great about this mascara is you can apply, apply, apply and it doesn't get clumpy.  My lashes need thickening and this works great.   Diorshow Black Out is still a favorite and I might try the Dior New Look because of the little edge brush.  Before you apply, scrape off some of the extra liquid.  First coat the back of your lashes, this addes extra volume!  Then the front, starting from the inner corner out.  Put the brush to the base of the lash, wiggle it a bit, and sweep up. 

When going out for a special occassion or doing a photo shoot, I will double coat my mascara on my upper lashes with the Benefit They're Real Mascara.  Because of the brush it separates nicely and lengthens wonderfully.

9.  Ok, so don't think I'm crazy.  And DON'T email me if you poke yourself in the eye.  But I have found this to be the best separator tool: the common safety pin.  I know it's old school.  Use alcohol to clean it and BE CAREFUL!  When all else fails, the safety pin will separate those darn lash that just seems to want to stick together.  

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Good luck!

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Lulu Soler
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  1. One question-- how do you take off the Benefit They're Real mascara? I loved the look, but taking it off at night felt like I was ripping tar off the lashes. Any tips?

  2. Great tips! I've recently started using Lash Domination from BareMinerals. It is hands-down my favorite mascara ever. At a minimum, I wear mascara every day, even if I don't put on anything else. This one lengthens, separates, volumizes and helps them grow. Plus it washes off easily. The safety pin made me laugh...old school, but effective!

  3. Admit to using a saftey pin too! But now I rely on fine-point tweezers...seems marginally safer.

  4. Awesome tips! I was wondering what that safety pin was for LOL! You have beautiful eyes!!!


  5. I want to try that brow filler! Ran out of my Clarins.Hope you can stop by and link up to Monday Mingle again. We got a late start this week...but we're up! :)

  6. Great tips. I would be too scared of the safety pin though. Poking the eye is the most dangerous poke there could be. The brow filler is a good idea for thin brows too. Thankfully mine are full and thick. =)

    My pleasure linking up with you 4. Have a Great Week, Lulu.

  7. Pinterest is http://www.pinterest.com/lemongreen915/

  8. Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lemongreen915/

  9. Cohosting #fundaymonday and wanted to stop by! I can't use eye lash curlers because they always take out some of my eyelashes, and my eye lashes are sparse enough! I do love Benefit's They're Real mascara though!!
    Eva @ evamarietaylor.com


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