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#BeautyBuzz - Hair Tutorial

We tend to want what we don't have.  I know ladies who have the most beautiful naturally curly hair that want silky straight hair.  Woman who have thick locks who want thinner hair.  Me?  I've always had fine hair (I don't think I actually had hair until I was 2!), but I've learned to work with what I have. 

I had intentions of doing this tutorial last week, but because of an ice storm and sickness wasn't able to complete the task.  Here are my tricks for styling fine hair.  

These are the styling products I use (check last weeks POST for other tools).  I've tried a number over the years, and found several that work great.  These happen to be the ones I've been using over the last year.  Hair thickening spray is a must.  I think I've been using this treatment for 10 years and I can say it really makes a difference.  The hair thickening treatment is concentrated at the roots for lift.  The Aveda Phomollient is used at the middle/ends of the hair for body.

1.  Before combing hair, I pump the mousse 3 times onto my palm and rub gently into my hair from the middle to the ends.  I then also comb it into my hair to coat evenly.

2.  Next while lifting sections of my hair up, I (generously, about 10 or so squirts) spray Proof of Life hair thickening spray into my roots.  

3.  Blow drying.  I've learned some tricks from various hair stylists.  Here a few: I blow dry my hair most of the way upside down and really fluff up my hair while doing so.

Then using a large round brush (natural boar bristles are the best!) I comb my hair over to one side.  Starting on top of my head at the back of my crown, using the brush I lift up about 1" sections of my hair.  Aim the dryer at the roots to dry them first.  See next picture for detail.

After I have dried one side, I flip my hair over to the other side and use the same technique. 

Next I go to each side of my head and dry the underside of my hair first before drying out the ends.  After the roots are significantly dry, I will begin pulling the hair out to dry the middle/ends.  As I dry the ends I use the brush like a curling iron.  Curl the hair around the brush, hit with high heat for a few seconds, then quickly use the cool button to curl that section of your hair.  This will "set" the curl (you always wondered what that was for right?).

Viola!  This is completely dry, no hairspray.  If you have any hair styling questions, let me know!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway below.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  

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Lulu Soler
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  1. Happy anniversary! That photo is beautiful!!! Yay for winter weddings! And your hair looks gorgeous - I have fine hair myself and I've been curious about Living Proof's 'Full' line!

  2. You really get great-looking results. My hair is so thick this would take forever!

  3. Very pretty! You really are able to get nice volume with this.

  4. So that's your secret to your beautiful hair...now I know what to get ;) Thank you for sharing and your hair is always always gorgeous!!!


  5. Is it an international giveaway?
    Thanks for the answer.
    Carmen @filodimiele (From Italy)


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