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SheIn -Your Online Fashion Vintage Dress

A Work in Progress

small office space,
Vintage desk (similar)  |  Chair via HomeGoods (similar)  |  Handmade Bulletin boards (similar)  |  Lamp via HomeGoods (similar on sale!)  |  C.Wonder flats  |  Wall illustration c/o the lovely Elena Fay from DC in Style

This is my humble office space, a work in progress!  I had a much larger desk in the space and it just wasn't working.  So I went to a local flea market and picked up this vintage letter desk.  It was in pretty bad shape.  But after sanding, painting, and distressing it, I love this quaint little piece.  If you're not into DIY'ing, check out these lovely desks!  I took off the dingy handles and got new brass and crystal ones.  You can see I have a lot of reminders, and lovely artwork from the nuggets on my boards. :)  I'm not totally happy with this chair.  My thought was that I loved the lines of the chair and I would have it recovered.  Umm... I did not realize how much it would be to recover.  Therefore I'd be better off finding a new one that I really love!  Lesson learned.  I have my eye on this one.

jcrew fedora hat, baublebar necklace, EOS camera, dress form
Canon camera  |  Dress form (loving this one)  |  Baublebar necklace  |  J.Crew hat (sold out, similar)

I try to keep my camera close at hand to take snaps of outfit ideas or the kids who pop up to say hi.  This dress form is named "Betty".  Betty has been great to me, helping me along the way, and she has been SO supportive.  I love Betty.  But I think I need to trade up Betty in for this dress form which is so beautiful!

brass lamp, wireless speaker
Lamp via HomeGoods (similar)  |  Wireless speaker

I originally had a larger lamp to go with my larger desk.  When I got a smaller desk, the lamp just took over and I needed a change, more desk room!  This one fit the bill and it's perfect in the space.  I have intentions of painting my "L" black, but I just haven't gotten to that yet.  It's on my to-do list.  My iPhone is a constant companion (you understand).  I'm totally digging this gadget to plug in my phone to have it charge up and ready to go!  This little julep vase is also on my list.  I'll be painting it gold to go with the rest of my decor!

desk planner

I am extremely organized.  It's really a sickness, and I try to go with the flow every once and a while.  I also have a problem with planners, notebooks, and to-do lists.  This has been my planner for several months and I love the quotes at the beginning of each month.  This planner is completely amazing and may be a purchase to bring in 2015!

glass mug, decorative straw

This mug started out as a jar of pickles.  The Mr. is a pickle fanatic.  He brought them home in this jar from the store and I said, "DON'T through that away when you're done!"  I scrubbed off the stickers and viola, my new iced tea mug.  You'll find a DIY soon on etching glass because I intend on etching my initial on the mug :).

handmade coat rack, boden leopard bag

 This coat rack was my recent DIY project.  Yes, I MADE this garment rack out of galvanized piping and it was super easy!  I will not lie, I found the idea on Pinterest and this website (follow me on Pinterest HERE).  I made mine a little more feminine by painting it gold.  It's so great though and considerably less expensive than many I found for sale.  It now has a platform on the bottom to hold my shoes (which the Mr. lovingly cut for me).  This is perfect for putting together outfits for my blog posts.

small office spae idea, handmade coat rack
This is a peek into my little office space.  It's still a work in progress!  Below are a few things that I have on my wish list as office accessories.  I will definitely share more as the projects get finished!  Stay tuned to my Instagram for more!

rug  |  mail holder  |  desk knob (or hat holder)  |  gold/acrylic stapler  |  pink pens  |  julep vase  |  gold stripe notebook  |  monogrammed mug

Happy Thursday.  Thanks for reading & popping by!

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Lulu Soler
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  1. What a cute office space! Your garment rack turned out so well - it is a great idea. It is always so nice to have a little space that is just your own, isn't it? I need to work on that at my house. Right now, my "desk" is a section of my kitchen counter!

    1. Not that you can really tell (or maybe you can), but this is actually an alcove in our upstairs hallway! :) I'd love an office with a door someday! My hubs now has a work at home job, so he took over our office.

  2. Your office is adorable and looks like such a comfortable room! Great DIY ideas! Love your desk and coat rack!


  3. Your office space looks beautiful! I wish I'd have an extra room in my apartment to have an actual
    home office.


  4. Such a great space!! I love it! Thanks for sharing!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. What an adorable little office space! The desk looks lovely now - I love projects like this. The dress form is too cute in this space, as well.

  6. Great space Lulu. I wish I had something like that. Love Betty. And well done on the coat rack.



    1. Thanks Agi. Yes, Betty has been a great "friend" :)

  7. This is so cute! We are slowly updating our office too, and I've had my eye out for a desk chair like yours!

    1. Check out HomeGoods! They have a super selection!

  8. You office space looks amazing! Your DIY projects turned out so good! You're so crafty :) I love the artwork from the nuggets!


    1. Haha... not sure crafty is the right word :) The artwork is neverending! I have had to start throwing some away (in the laundry room trash). Otherwise they find it and say, "mama why did you throw this out?" TOTAL mom guilt!

  9. This is adorable! My dream office space! lol I love the quote in the notebook, too cute! I can't wait to see it all finished, it looks great already!


  10. your office space is so cute, love the clothing rack, that bag, the dress form and that beautiful vintage desk. Great space.

  11. Cute little office, I guess you work from home?
    It would look rather unique for a office building.


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