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SheIn -Your Online Fashion Vintage Dress

Summer Skin

garnet hill signature towels

jergens extended tanner

garnet hill signature towels

jergens natural glow


Garnet Hill Signature towels c/o  ||  Robe (Isn't this robe so cute? This robe is under $25!))  ||  Loft hair accessory  ||  Jergens Natural Glow  ||  Jergens Tan Extender  ||  HomeGoods bath accessories  ||  Lavender plant via Trader Joes ($7!)

Since it's been feeling like summer, I want to look summer - right!?  I've always been a fan of Jergens.  I use it as an every lotion (Jergens Ultra Healing lotion) for myself and even my kiddos.  Jack in particular gets very dry skin.  I love their Natural Glow tanning lotion just as much.  It gives such wonderful color without the harmful affect of the sun of course.  This is super important to me and my fair skin.  It's not something I talked about at all on the blog, but last year I had to moles removed.  One on my nose (which was very hard to cover up) and one on my back.  The one on my back was precancerous melanoma.  I visit my dermatologist every year and I'm very careful not to get burned.  Using Jergens Natural Glow helps me feel like summer without feeling like I'm harming my tender skin.  

Can we just talk about these towels?  These gorgeous, comfortable, and ever-so-soft Garnet Hill Signature towels are wonderful.  I love stepping out of the shower or bath and wrapping myself up in their cozy warmth.  It must be the fine Egyptian cotton?  Or maybe it's how huge this towel is?  They come in so many beautiful colors and the monogram is just $6!  

Be safe this summer!  Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by :)
xo Lulu

Lulu Soler
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  1. I noticed the towels! They are really nice! The pictures are very nice, in fact, like a spa, great! I think Jergens products must be very good, I never wore them, I confess. And yes, visiting the dermartologist is very important. I am glad you removed the moles, they can be dangerous - the thing is that we never know which can be dangerous or not, so the dermatologist is needed. I also go to check mine... my dad had once the same as you, I suppose, and it had to be immediately removed. I have freckles on the body and face IF I tan... but I never tan, because it may dangerous to me - fair skin has this problem, as you know! So I liked to know that the product leaves a nice color, I want to try on my legs, especially!


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