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My Fitness Journey

Hey all!  This is sort of scary post for me to write (since I don't often go public in a bikini - and by often I mean never...).  My fitness journey really starts when I was very young.  If you're a TLL reader you know that I was a competitive gymnast for over 10 years.  We worked hard.  Hours of training and my body showed it.  Bulky shoulders and abs of steel is not really what a 10 year old wants.  I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit because my shoulders were so big.  Fast forward 10 years and I became thankful for that experience because all that training stayed with me and I was fortunate to have a great body into my 30's.  

When trying to have our kids my body went through so many difficulties.  So many tests, hormones, procedures.  I started to become out of shape for the first time of my life.  I wasn't allowed to exercise.  Then having twins was the topper.  Now I love my buggers with all my heart.  But when you're 5'1", go until your 39 weeks, have 1 baby at 6.11 lbs, the other 5.15 lbs (estimated "baby" in me was 19 lbs), it put a huge strain on me.  At my biggest I was 43.5" around my waist!

I was able to get back into shape with the help of a good friend and trainer.  But over the past 5 years with life stresses, moving and whatnot my workouts have been inconsistent and not effective.  Fast forward to 6 months ago when I came across The FASTERway to Fatloss program.  I saw amazing results and started to read up.  It took me a few months to bite the bullet and join.  Ladies it is all it's cracked up to be and more.  Now there are only 2 reasons I will say something is life changing.  First and foremost is making Jesus the leader of your life (that's another blog post).  Second is taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and nutritionally.  The FASTERway to Fatloss is a life changer.  

In just 5 weeks (I'm finishing up the 6th week now and I started to feel amazing the 3rd week) I feel so much 
s t r o n g e r 
l e a n e r 
e n e r g e t i c 
e x c i t e d 
about working out again.  

Not only have I learned the secret to fatloss, but how to workout, when to workout, when to STOP working out.  Nutrionally I have learned what to eat, when to eat, that carbs are your friend, you can enjoy eating that treat (and not feel guilty) and when to STOP eating.  

Peeps I'm in my 40s now and the pounds just didn't come off before like they used too.  Until this program I was himhow about my working out and just didn't know how to eat.  Not that I was a terrible eater.  Most people would look at me and say oh she eats healthy and a good friend of mine (who I shall not mention) used to bust my chops about always ordering a half sandwich.  :)  But watching what I ate and working out just didn't cut it.  Now 2 kids (twins even) and 44 years young later I'm feeling more fit than I have in a long time.  In these 5 weeks I have lost 7.5"!  I'm ready and to continue The FASTERway lifestyle and I wanted to introduce it to you.  IT. IS. LIFE CHANGING.  

Amanda Tress is the creator of The FASTERway to Fatloss.  She is a veteran fitness coach and her team is amazing.  When you join the program you join a wonderful group of women who support and cheer each other on.   Amanda has weekly calls to talk through the program and answer your questions.  She is a light I tell ya!  So positive and sweet.  You learn to use the MyFitnessPal app, she gives a food appropriate list and I've learned SO much about nutrition.  Losing weight and fatloss starts in the kitchen y'all!  You can be a meat eater, or a vegetarian, or vegan on this program.  She will not give you recipes and a meal plan, but you can purchase 2 awesome cookbooks.  Meals and planning is for you to decide which I like.  I will be posting some of my recipes and meals I created later this week!  

You can also start this program with just the nutritional aspect and not the workouts if you want.  But if you really want to shed that fat, go for the workouts too.  They are easy to follow and will kick your butt (in a good way!).  Do her nutrition guide and workouts together for a fatloss kicker cocktail!

Are you ready to kick the fat, feel more energetic and stronger than ever?  Join the next bootcamp starting April 23rd HERE.  Interested in purchasing a cookbook?  This ONE is for meat lovers :), this ONE is for you beautiful Veganites!  Are you pregnant and want a healthy body and baby?  Amanda has THIS program to learn how to have a nutritionally great and fit pregnancy.

Peeps I cannot say enough about this program and how I believe it has changed my life and how I think about food, working out and feeling great.  Please feel free to ask me any questions either here or DM me on Instagram.  I share a lot of my food choices and I will be sharing more of the workouts on my Instagram so follow me there!

JOIN The FASTERway the Fatloss amazing community!
The next bootcamp starts April 23rd :)

What are your nutritional & workout goals?  Thanks for stopping by today.
xo Lulu
Lulu Soler
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  1. You look great! I did FWTFL last summer. I've continued to implement parts of it into my normal routine. Yay for finding something that works for you!


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