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Getting Started Living Your Best Life

Change doesn't come easy does it?  Many times we need to go out of our comfort zone to really see the change we desire and once we take that leap we think, "I'm SO glad I did this!"

This week on The Laurel Lane IG I'm discussing small steps we can take to start living your best life.  Because living your best life is always a process, it's not instant perfection!  We continually make changes and improvements to get to our better selves.  We are a work in progress.  In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® our mantra is progress over perfection!

black leggings with white tunic, blazer, sneakers

------- OUTFIT DETAILS -------

Today on the blog I'm sharing how to look your best that is easy and one that many of us can throw on to go run errands or have lunch with a friend.  We've all seen it, maybe we've done it..  leggings.  Leggings can be our best friend or our worse enemy.  Leggings can be a wonderful wardrobe staple IF you wear them right.  Ok, I'm just going to say it - cover the derrière!  Even if you have a great bum, cover it.  It's just. Not. Ladylike.  And I think we're missing some ladylike in our culture.  There are plenty of cute tunics out there to cover up.

Leggings are great this time of year too when the temperatures start to get cooler and you can layer up.  Add a beautiful scarf and some cute sneaks and you have yourself a casual yet chic outfit!


Yesterday I shared on a live Instagram (you can check it out on my IG TV channel) a way you can begin to live your best life in a practical and healthy way - eating whole food nutrition.  Whole food nutrition gives your body the best micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) it needs to function optimally for health and energy.  Generally anything that comes from the ground or has a mother is whole food nutrition.  This is food found in it's most natural state.  Fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, legumes, beans, herbs and spices are all fair game.

Whole food nutrition is one of the main concepts to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®.  The FWTFL is not a deprivation diet.  It is not a calories in/calories out program.  The FWTFL is about fueling your body with enough good food to increase your metabolism to burn fat!

In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® you will eat generous amounts of whole food nutrition to fuel your body.  You will incorporate carb cycling and intermittent fasting to train your body to become a FAT BURNER instead of a sugar burner.  Through the nutrition and workouts you will loose fat and gain lean muscle.  Learn more about this effective and amazing program HERE.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and are ready to challenge yourself, and get a little out of your comfort zone to start to live your best life!

xo Lulu
Lulu Soler
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