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Simply Lulu's, Simply Chic Mom How To's....

Can you be chic and comfortable... absolutely!

It only takes 4 things to put together an outfit.  Think the Fabulous Four!  Simple right?

  1. Tops
  2. Bottoms
  3. Shoes
  4. Accessories

It’s how you mix these together that make you stylish and fashionable.  Below you’ll find my tips for the Fabulous Fours and you’ll see some snaps to inspire you.  There are various pieces ranging in prices too!  I’m sticking to 3 stores, because, well… I just don’t have the time to look at more than that!  I picked Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic (shop @ all three for combined shipping, $50+ is free!).  I buy here a lot, but do shop a lot of other places, as you can see in “Shops I love…”

Tops – here, think layering!  During this time of year, when the weather can’t make up it’s mind (if I believed in weather gods I would say it must be a woman), layering is key.  When I’m running around, hauling the kids, picking up toys, going shopping, I’m hot.  Then when I get settled, in the car or at home, I’m cold (see what I mean about a weather god being a woman).  Go for thin layers underneath mixed then with a jacket, vest and scarf (accessory).
1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6. |  7.  |  8.  |  9.  |  10.

Bottoms – again, think comfort.  For me this usually means pants, jeans or cotton pants.  Occassionally I’ll wear a skirt, but mostly (especially in the winter) I stick to pants bc I’m always cold!  Don’t be afraid to add some color to your bottoms.  Important tip: for comfort, with any jeans/pants you buy, make sure there is some stretch to them.  I recently just put away 2 pairs of jeans I love because they have no stretch and darn it, they’re just not comfy!
1.  |  2.  |  3.  | 4.
Shoes – repeat… comfort!  Comfort does not always mean flats.  I’m 5’1”… need I say more?  I need height!  Badly….  Flats are good too, don’t get me wrong, but don’t cross off heels on your list of comfortable shoes.  My tip?  Booties and wedges are your friend!  Luckily, they are HOT this season.  I stay to 3”, anything higher than that and I’ll twist my ankle.  Also boots are my everything shoe in the winter.  I’m in them almost every day in the winter.
1. |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.

Accessories – Be BOLD!  But… NOT bold everywhere.  If you want to wear a bold earring, go little necklace, or no necklace.  I typically go with no necklace.  If I wear a bold statement necklace, I’ll do a simple little earring.  Iove rings.  I do not like rings so much that I wear more than one on each hand (excluding my wedding bands & engagement ring).  Maybe I’m old fashioned that way, but I just can’t stand the rings rubbing together!  Bracelets are a biggie for me.  The layering bracelet look is beautiful and a trend I’m very much into.  Other accessories not to be overlooked, scarves, hats & handbag – hello….!  I usually have a go-to handbag, fairly large that I can stuff just about anything into.  A handbag is like a piece of furniture.  Spend some money.  If you buy a cheap bag (especially your every day go-to bag) it WILL fall apart I promise you.  For going out – add a pop of color to your clutch!
1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.  |  7.  |  8.  |  9. |  10.

Other random tips:
1.           Don’t be afraid of patterns – I recently got over my phobia & am still working on building this in my wardrobe.
2.           Embrace color – another thing I’m building in my winter wardrobe.  Everyone looks better in color unless you live in a black and white world.
3.           If you just don’t have bold color in you, spice it up with your accessories.  Add a colorful necklace or a bold scarf.        
4.           Don’t rule out “teeny bopper” store like F21 & Old Navy.  Yes we are lovely ladies who want and should look age appropriate, but it’s ok to be trendy too.  Which leads me to #6….
5.           Be classic and trendy.  Have good staples in your wardrobe, but each season, mix it up!  Buy a few trendy pieces to compliment your style and make your wardrobe fresh, something exciting you’ll want to wear!
6.           Look for the details.  If you buy a simple white button down shirt, buy one with a bib front or ruffle detail.
7.     Organize your closet!  I know that sound like I’m being your mother, but honestly it helps so much.  I’ll talk later about this in other posts, so stay tuned.

Wow!  That is a loooong post!  I hope you got some good tips and inspiration.  Have a wonderful weekend all!  Fun changes coming to Simply Lulu Style next week.... stay tuned!

simply yours,
XO - Lulu
Lulu Soler
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  1. Totally agreed! I believe comfy can be cute and pulled together! Totally following along now!

  2. Thank you! Following back at 'cha!

  3. Great list, I'd love to have all of these in my closets:)

  4. What a great post! I love your tip to "be bold...just not bold everywhere." I think finding that balance is critical yet can sometimes be confusing for women looking to look fashionable. And the tip about organizing your closet is key. Everytime I reorganize I find things I forgot I owned!

    xo - Marion

    1. Thanks Marion, same here! Sometimes I get a little "Goodwill" happy and then later I'm like, "why did I get rid of that???" Hope you're doing well :)


  5. Thank you! Just checked out your site, following you!

  6. I saw on J's Everyday Fashion that you picked up the pair of Gap camo pants. How do you plan on wearing them? I got them as well, but am unsure of how to wear them other than with a black top. Thanks :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

    1. Hi Kate! Good question! I wore them out on with my girlfriend for coffee w/ an azure blue oxford & beige sweater, beige flats. I am also actually planning to wear them tomorrow with some camel colored wedges and a bright colored sweater (haven't totally decided on that yet) and a Simply Lulu pearl necklace. I'll be sure to take some self portaits and post in a later blog! Oh and just thinking... I have a fur vest that would be nice too with a pair of heels for a night out w/ my hubs. :)
      Thanks for the question! XO - Lulu

  7. The Old Navy boots look gorgeous, shame we don't have that brand in England. Great tips too :)


  8. I loved this post. I am a new mom and a new blogger. This is absolutely one of my topics of discussion for the future. Thanks for the great post.


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