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Beauty Redefined...

Knee high boots, leather clutch, cool color combo, gold necklace, gold bracelet, CWonder,
Yes, this is me without make-up... Scary!

Have you played the "If Only" game?  I have.  If only I didn't have fair skin...  If only I was taller...  If only I had skinny arms...  If only I was thinner...  If only, if only, if only...  Let's redefine your beauty!

Time for new thinking in 2013!  It's taken me many years to START being happy with me.  It was recognizing that I'm a child of God and God is perfect.  He doesn't make mistakes, so He didn't make a mistake when he made me.   Even still, we play this "if only" game and it gnaws away at our self esteem and self worth.  My thought was to take these negatives and look for answers.  I'm a realistic, driven, type A person and gosh darn it... I want answers!

So here it is:  
  • I have fair skin.  I burned A LOT when I was little.  My skin has actually changed a bit and I don't burn like I used to.  But it has made me completely aware of making sure my nuggets are lubed up when we're at the pool, beach and outside in general.  Ah ha! Light bulk, going off.  Check!
  • I am 5'1".... Need I say more?  I'm totally vertically challenged.  I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and it gave me a lot of confidence.  Because of my height, my mother taught me to be assertive. When I needed help at a store, she would say, "Get up there!  Let them know you're here!"  Today I'm proud of myself for standing up for myself and I intend to teach my kids the same.  Check!
  • Because I was a gymnast (and heredity of course) I have muscular arms.  You wouldn't know this because it's winter and they are covered up!  Shirts are often tight on me, I do not like it.  However, in 2008 I had twins and I had two strong arms to carry them - together, even up to about a year ago.  Double Check!
  • Being thin, or skinny actually.  For most of my life I have been thin.  But now that (throat clearing) I'm a bit older... it takes work to say thin.  I was always a gal in my twenties who said, "exercise?  nah.., sure I can eat what I want."   Now I have to think about what I put in my body so it doesn't show up on my tummy.  But it has made me love to exercise and take care of myself.  And eventually I want to become a certified personal trainer.  Check!
So you see, I encourage you to take the beauty that you have, or think you don't have and redefine it!  Empower yourself, empower other women, empower your daughters to redefine their beauty.

Great love to all my beautiful readers!
Lulu Soler
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  1. I adore this post! I think that it's about time that we start loving ourselves for who we are rather than what we would like to be. Very inspiring and really wonderful!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. This is a great post Lulu. I think that most women need to be reminded about this message often - myself included. For a little while I was really unhappy with my body and eventually I developed an eating disorder. It took me a little while, but I learned to love myself. Redefining some of my "disliked" features really helped me appreciate them for what they are right now. Thanks for the reminder!

    Moody Girl In Style

  3. Thank you for writing such a lovely post. I too, am a fair-skinned freckled lady and it's nice to see another embracing her natural look!



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