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Birthday & Mama Said Monday

birthday, Birthday dinner, cupcakes, love, pink pants, St. James restaurant, fur vest, Gap, Nine West, Stella Dot, Michael Kors, sundance catalog, LosPhoto, Simply Lulu Style,

birthday, Birthday dinner, cupcakes, love, pink pants, St. James restaurant, fur vest, Gap, Nine West, Stella Dot, Michael Kors, sundance catalog, LosPhoto, Simply Lulu Style,

birthday, Birthday dinner, cupcakes, love, pink pants, St. James restaurant, fur vest, Gap, Nine West, Stella Dot, Michael Kors, sundance catalog, LosPhoto, Simply Lulu Style,

birthday, Birthday dinner, cupcakes, love, pink pants, St. James restaurant, fur vest, Gap, Nine West, Stella Dot, Michael Kors, sundance catalog, LosPhoto, Simply Lulu Style,
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It was my birthday weekend!  Yes, it was our anniversary last Monday, Valentine's Day was Thursday and then Saturday was my birthday (a triple whammy for the hubs).  We celebrate in a big way this week every February.  This weekend my hubs took me shopping (yippee!) and a wonderful dinner, St. James in Suburban Square.  If you live in the Philly area, you must check it out.  They seriously have THE most delicious brussel sprouts!  Yes, brussel sprouts.  Oh and I had a lobster roll - YUM!  I love lobster and have it whenever I get the chance.

A picture on at dinner on my actual birthday!

On our honeymoon we were on a sailing trip around the island of St. Lucia enjoying the sun and breeze when my hubs turned to me and said, "isn't today your birthday?"  Oh yeah....  Hmmm... we're not off to a good start, are we (was my thought).  But this past 7 years of marriage has taught me so much about love; what it is and what it's not.  For me it's about the moments every day to just look at your spouse and remember to choose to love them.  Love is a choice to me, choosing to love in the good and the bad.  I can honestly say that every day when my husband comes home from work (or when he picks me up at my building when we're both working) I can't wait to see him.  It's not the fluttery love feeling, it's just a feeling of wanting to fall in his arms and know that he is home.  He's my home and I'm so thankful that he's in my life.

I guess maybe this should have been my Valentine's post.  But to me every day should be a day to say, "I love you."

Mama Said Monday?  

I don't often blog about motherhood, in fact, I haven't once.  Other than some funny sayings and stories, I'm pretty mum on the mom topic.  Motherhood by far is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.  People gave me a lot of advice from how to get your baby to sleep to what to feed them.  Some advice I tried, took and sometimes threw away.  Simply Lulu Style is just that, it's about simple style.  Style from fashion, to food, to fitness and motherhood.  So on Monday I've decided to devote a portion of my post to motherhood.  Just  little tidbits about my experiences as a mom.  Advice?  Maybe.  You can take it, try it and sometimes, hopefully keep it!   Watch for my first real "Mama Said Monday" next week.  Don't worry, there will be fashion too!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!
Lulu Soler
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  1. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I love what you said about love. Congratulations on 7 years!!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Congratulations for all this fantastic events!!!

  3. Saw your blog on Kacie's Kloset and thought I pass by.Gone through a couple and you're quite a laid back kinda girl:)
    Am a new blogger kindly pass by?
    My latest post http://www.ngarafashions.com/shokeyhappy-valentines-day-look/

    1. Thank you! I tried to leave a comment but wasn't able to post it - all the best dear!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Sounds like you had an amazing time.
    Love those pink pants. Looking forward to your new Mama said series. I don't tend to blog too much about Motherhood either so looking forward to yours.


  5. Happy Birthday! I have those pants and love them!


  6. Happy birthday!
    beautiful pics

  7. :) Lovely post and what an eventful week for you!
    Happy anniversary and happy birthday to you dear!
    Have a great week ahead and look forward to your Monday posts:D
    Best, Zia

  8. i love your shoes!!
    kisses from milano

  9. Aww, that is so so sweet. I love what you wrote about love being a choice and always looking forward to seeing him. Happy birthday. You look so so gorgeous.

  10. You look stunning!
    Wish to look like you when I grow up'x

    My Blog, Blonde but not least

  11. What a busy week you had! Where do I start? Well, let see - Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and not too late to wish you and hub Happy V Day too! Looking forward to your Mama Said Monday! p.s. you nude shoes are gorge!


  12. Great photos and Happy birthday! I think it's great that you are going to incorporate some mommy stuff into your blog, as I mom, I look forward to it. It is a part of who we are and i think it's great to share some of that side of you!

    xx Kelly

  13. Hey! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I tried to reply back, but I see that you're a no-reply blogger. If you follow the steps in this link, you'll be able to receive replies from others:


    The Hartungs Blog

  14. I love this post! My bday is the 15th, so it's the day right after Valentine's Day! haha I kind of like it, don't you? Happy belated!

    A Pop of Style

  15. I bet you love February!! So fun to celebrate all week! Can't wait for your post on Monday:)

  16. First off, Happiest Birthday wishes my friend! Hope you enjoyed your special day with your beautiful family! Second, this was a such a thoughtful and well written post. I hope when I meet Mr. right that it feels like home. And it's just as you explained it. No relationship is perfect and every relationship takes work, but like you said choosing to love the good and the bad. Last, being a parent/motherhood is truly one of the most challenging things in life and I commend you for being able to do it all. I see what my sister goes through on a daily basis (and she only has one) and I'm just in awe. Anyways, really loved reading this post:)!

  17. Your outfit is really nice! Love the color of your pants!

    New post on my blog :)
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

  18. great post! I really love the coat! so chic

  19. yay for pink! And for cupcakes!


  20. Diggin' those pants! I have a similar pair at Target! :)


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