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Color 101

A lot of trends these days is about color and pattern mixing.  I often hear people say to me - "I never would have thought to put that together, but it looks wonderful!"  So I've put together a little guide to color and pattern mixing.  Because there is an abundance of information I'll just talk color today (and just an intro) and then I'll continue this little series in the next few weeks.

Today's post will discuss:

  • What is Pantone anyway?  
  • Pantone's colors for Spring 2013
  • Pantone's color of the year
  • What are my colors?

What is Pantone?

Color is, of course, an important part of fashion.  Not just what colors are "in" but what colors do you look best in.  Pantone, the leading authority of color, picks wonderful color palettes each season.  They are known "worldwide as the standard for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retail to customer".

Pantone's colors for Spring 2013:

color 101, pantone spring 2013 colors, pantone color of the year,

A beautiful array of colors!

Pantone's color of the year (2013):

color 101, pantone spring 2013 colors, pantone color of the year,

What are my colors?

How do you know what colors are right for you and what colors you look best in?  Everyone has colors they look best in.  These colors accentuate the eyes, brighten your skin and give you a little pop in your walk.  
Use the following chart to determine your "colors" (information from here):

color 101, pantone spring 2013 colors, pantone color of the year,

Types of Springs

1. Light Spring:
  • Eyes: Blue, green, turquoise, or light hazel.
  • Hair: Light to medium golden blonde, ash blonde or light to medium brown.
  • Skin: Ivory with peach tones, pink beige.
Best colors for Light Springs:
Colors for Light Springs
2. Clear Spring:
  • Eyes: Turquoise blue, green, golden brown or topaz.
  • Hair: Medium to dark brown, or brown-black. May have red highlights.
  • Skin: Bronze, deep warm brown, brown-black, light ivory, light peach, or porcelain.
Best colors for Clear Springs:
Colors for Clear Springs
3. Warm Spring:
  • Eyes: Topaz, olive green, light hazel, or warm turquoise.
  • Hair: Light golden brown, red, strawberry blonde, or deep golden blonde.
  • Skin: Bronze, golden beige, ivory, or porcelain. May have freckles.
Best colors for Warm Springs:
Warm Spring Colors
Types of Summers
1. Light Summer:
  • Eyes: Blue, gray or green.
  • Hair: Light to medium ash blonde or light to medium ash brown.
  • Skin: Pale beige, porcelain, ivory or pink beige. (Usually pink-toned.)
Best colors for Light Summers:
Colors For Light Summers
2. Soft Summer:
  • Eyes: Gray-blue, hazel or soft turquoise.
  • Hair: Light to medium ash brown, mousy brown. May have blonde in it.
  • Skin: Light to medium neutral beige, ivory.
Best colors for Soft Summers:
Colors for Soft Summers
3. Cool Summer:
  • Eyes: Gray, blue, or slate.
  • Hair: Medium to deep ash brown. Little to no red tones.
  • Skin: Ivory, pink beige, gray beige, or neutral beige.
Best colors for Cool Summers:
Colors For Cool Summers
Types of Autumns
1. Deep Autumn:
  • Eyes: Dark brown, dark hazel, black, or dark green.
  • Hair: Medium brown, medium to deep auburn, dark brown deep chestnut or black.
  • Skin: Warm beige, neutral beige, golden brown, dark brown, olive.
Best colors for Deep Autumns:
Colors for Deep Autumns
2. Soft Autumn:
  • Eyes: Light brown, soft hazel, blue, or gray-green.
  • Hair: Golden blonde to medium brown or mousy brown. May have blonde or red highlights.
  • Skin: Ivory, neutral beige, warm beige, golden brown.
Best colors for Soft Autumns:
Colors For Soft Autumns
3. Warm Autumn:
  • Eyes: Brown, olive green, hazel or topaz.
  • Hair: Medium golden brown, red, auburn, strawberry blonde or golden blonde.
  • Skin: Bronze, golden brown, golden beige, ivory, or warm beige.
Best colors for Warm Autumns:
Warm Autumn Colors
Types of Winters
1. Deep Winter:
  • Eyes: Black, black-brown, or dark hazel.
  • Hair: Black-brown, medium brown, steel gray, or salt & pepper.
  • Skin: Black, medium beige, black-brown, or olive with no pink or peach undertones.
Best colors for Deep Winters:
Colors For Deep Winters
2. Clear Winter:
  • Eyes: Bright blue, hazel, violet, or green.
  • Hair: Black, chestnut, medium brown, or dark brown hair.
  • Skin: Black, deep brown, neutral beige, pale olive, milky white. (Usually translucent.)
Best colors for Clear Winters:
Clear Winter Colors
3. Cool Winter:
  • Eyes: Charcoal gray, blue, dark brown or violet.
  • Hair: Blue-black, silver, salt & pepper. No red tones.
  • Skin: Cool brown, olive, or neutral beige.
Best colors for Cool Winters:
Colors For Cool Winters
Keep in mind that you can go outside your "colors".  I don't shop with paint chips in my purse and I'm not someone who won't buy a piece of clothing because it's not my color.  But if I try on an orange sweater as opposed to a coral sweater?  I definitely look better in the coral.  You will see that your colors brighten your face.  However mixing your colors with neutrals can also create a beautiful look (example: for me a blue shirt with a camel color blazer).  Add some great accessories like a statement necklace or scarf and you have a perfect style!  Sta

I'm a light spring!  What is your color?
Lulu Soler
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  1. loving that emerald color! so bright and charming xoxo


    1. Yes, emerald is a great color. Wouldn't mind an actual emerald too!!

  2. This is such a great post! I've discovered my ugly colors through trial and error. Of course, I think I still have a long way to go. Having a blog has shown me what I like and don't like on me!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. Having a blog has really helpe my own style sense too - more from a fit stand point!

  3. I'm a deep winter. And all I wear is Emerald, so I'm just ahead of the curve. ;)

  4. You read my mind!! I've been wanting to do a post like this for weeks:) I think I'll just direct people to your blog now, this is so helpful to women!! Thanks for posting:)

  5. great post Lulu
    very inspiring and informative
    love Vikee

  6. Hummm ! I'm a nothing haha ! There's none that match my actual combo/skin/hair color !

    1. :) I can't tell from your picture what color your eyes are! Initially it looks to me like you're a winter...

    2. Actually from the first chart that would be it, but looking at the kind of winter there is there's none that have dark brown hair and eyes and porcelain skin (or very light with pink undertone). I guess if we forgot the eye color, since my skintone is pretty fair, I might be a clear winter.

  7. I can never figure out what season I am... I'm stumped. lol


    1. Kacie I think you're an autumn, soft or warm. I'm thinking warm.


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