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Running on Empty

Today I'm taking a sick day.  Our Easter was not a great weekend unlike the photos you saw (here), that was actually the weekend before Easter.  The actual weekend was filled with 2 sick nugget, high temperatures, coughing, sneezing and little sleep.  We dodge the bullet all season to bring in spring with sickness.  Arriving home we went straight to the doctor and found out they both had the flu and Ella had strep as well.  BOTH my kids had the flu shot so I was very surprised when the test came back positive.  It seems a new strain developed over the season and the original shot did not cover this strain... awesome.  And because I'm running on about 12 hours of sleep in 4 days, I am now sick.... double awesome.  Achy body, face puffy... look oh so NOT pretty.

I'm writing from the sofa on a day filled with movies, chili and resting amongst the nuggets (now feeling better) having this discussion:

Jack: "Ella smell my feet..."
Ella: (smelling his feet) "Ewww.. you stink!  Jack, smell my feet...."
Jack:  (smelling her feet) "Oh my gosh, your stink knocked me down!"

We haven't bathed them in a few days.  I guess they're overdue.

Sorry for the not exciting post, but wanted to share what's going on in my world.  Hope you're having better days!

Here's to being healthy soon!
Lulu Soler
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  1. I'm so sorry that your entire house is sicky icky! I do have to say, that sick baby/children snuggles are really great though. That's probably the one plus side of sickness. Sending you well wishes for a swift recovery!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Poor babies, and poor you!! I understand you very well, because I am a mum of two children, and I live similar situations very often!! So, the better thing is resting, drinking a lot of citric juices (with natural C vitamin)and combining them with honey (a natural antibacterial meal). I hope you´ll be OK soon!!

  3. i really like your blog

    xxx zari

  4. Real life post... and we mums still have to be fit!
    Hope you all get well soon.

    Lady of Style

  5. I hope you gonna heal soon! I wish you all the best! : )

  6. Awwww poor thing, get well soon sweetie!

  7. That is the worst! I'm so sorry. I hope all of you get feeling better soon!!


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