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A Better Way to Tan

To me, everyone looks a little better with a suntan.  It makes your skin glow, look thinner, more toned.  Don't think that I'm advocating sitting and baking in the sun.  We all know now a days that it causes cancer, and early aging, among other things.  I think the only benefit is vitamin D which many people are lacking these days including myself.

Yesterday in Lulu's Love List I told you about my fav tanning product - Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizer.  In the moisturizer category I give this an A for color, scent & price.  If you're looking for a spray tan, Banana Boat is my go-to (you can find it at Target).  This is also a great color (adjusts to your skin tone), scent (citrus scent, a little strong if you have sensitivity), and price.

Application: I started perfecting my fake tan when I got married.  The hubs and I got married in February and since I do not do well in tanning beds (thank goodness), I decided to do the spray tan myself.  It's a little tricky to perfect, but I think I have it down.  It's a concept pretty much the same for spray or lotion.  Here's how I do it:

For lotion based fake tans (moisturizer/lotions)

  1. Think how the sun hits your body!  That seems really simple, but sometimes you don't think about your hands & fingers (yes I said fingers).  You know, the part of your finger that's just above your knuckles?  A natural tan from the sun will hit that skin.  Also, the part of your skin that's around your ankle bone?  Don't forget that either.  I'll go into detail!
  2. Start with fresh clean skin.  Exfoliate, when you begin the fake tan process.  Don't exfoliate every time b/c you'll scrub some of the tan off!  If you notice your skins is a little extra dry, then go ahead in between tannings.  But again, I wouldn't exfoliate every time.
  3. I apply the lotion to my face first.  I don't buy the special facial moisturizer.  Last year I did and noticed it made my face break out.  This year I'm just using the regular (in addition to my normal facial cream) and it's been fine.  Apply the lotion more strongly to the areas where the sun hits your face first (forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin).  Blend in around eyes and mouth, definitely not too much here because it will look funny, trust me.  Less is more.  So start out with a little lotion and add more if you need it.  Also make sure to blend down your neck and yes, even around/behind your ears.  Remember you're just blending, don't put gobs of lotion here.
  4. From my face I work down my body.  So chest and back are next.  Yes, it's difficult to get your back.  If you're not flexible here, you may need help.  I kind of do these areas along with my arms in one swoop.  Area to NOT forget: where your arm hits your shoulder, front and back.  I've missed that little area many times.  Also on your arms, do front and back, blending the back of your arm to your arm pit and to your wrist (you'll do your hands LAST).
  5. Stomach and lower back.  If you choose not to wear a biknini, skip this.  This section is pretty much a no brainer.
  6. Legs.  I use a fair amount on my legs.  Most people will tell you to use it sparingly around your knees. I have not found that to be the case.  I don't' use extra here, but a normal amount looks ok.  Unless of course you have crinkly knees?....  I also apply lotion to the tops of my feet and around my ankle bone (this is sparingly).  Be sure not to get it too close to the bottom of your foot that will look weird.
  7. Lastly, wash your hands well.  Using your index fingers, apply lotion to the tops of your hands, and sparingly to your knuckles and the first joint of your fingers.  Wash your index finger.
  8. You're done right?  Wrong.  DO NOT put on any clothing for 10-15 minutes until your dry.  Walk around naked or wear a huge loose shirt.  I usually use this time to put away laundry. :)  Also, DO NOT sit down for 30 minutes (at least).  If you sit down, the lotion will rub off the backs of your legs!
In the beginning I'll sometimes apply 2x a day.  Then as I get my color where I want it, just once a day.  I do have some color from the sun, but I put a good amount of sunblock on!  

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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Lulu Soler
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  1. With the lack of sun here but my passion for dresses and bare legs I definitely need some fake tan in early summer.
    Tanning beds are a no-go for me as I have quite a lot of naevi and see my dermatologist regularly.
    I always use a build-up tanning lotion and apply it every now and then.

    Lady of Style

  2. Voted again! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Great tips! I use Jergen's lotion tanner too. I love how its gradual but not so gradual that it takes a week to show up. I always have problems with my wrists and feet.. I always seem to get TOO tan and have to scrub a bit of color off.

  4. lovely post
    thanks for the tips
    love Vikee

  5. thanks for the tips! I love my Jergens!! xxo

  6. Found you via Molly's ad of yours. Did that sentence make any sense? Gosh, adorable blog here and I am yo newsyest follower.

  7. i'm definitely against tanning beds and if a must, tanning spray is definitely a better option! thanks for the tips (: great post!

    Love Me to Pieces

  8. Hello! I've never tried fake tan, so these tips were great! Thank you for writing such a fun and inspiring blog -- I follow and enjoy each post! I've also voted (wink, wink). Good luck!


    Hey, I Love Your Bag! 

  9. Voted again!! hope ya win! Also, I couldn't agree more! Love the tips, I've never tried banana boat, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for your tips!

  10. Hi Lulu! I just started using the Jergens you recommended yesterday! Followed your post step-by-step and it was a huge help. Was wondering--should I be careful with which towel I use to dry hands or what loose shirt I put on? Does it stain anything? I feel like a statue for first half hour, lol. Worried about touching anything or a spot rubbing off and looking weird! :) Thanks a bunch, blessings!

    1. Hi Bethany! Great question! It will rub off eventually. But I usually find it on my towels and it will come clean in the washer (and we use white towels). Glad it helped! Happy summer!


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