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5 Moves - Minus the Muffin Top

Another 5 Move Post!  Each month I try to write a fitness post.  I'm not diligent about it because sometimes I feel moved to write something else.  But this week, since I'll be in a bathing suit most of next week, I thought I would do some fun fitness.  So read on and Minus Your Muffin Top!
Standing side crunch.  Here at home I only have 5 lb. weights, but at the gym I use 8 lb. weights.  30 reps, each side.  Tip: make sure you have a good amount of "crunch".  Suck in your belly button!

Crunch twists.  The bottom picture is actually where you want to start!  Keep your back flat, shoulders down.  Twist left, then right, 30 reps.  Want to step it up?  Use a weighted ball!  Suck in your belly button!

Side Plank Hip Dip.  Start with hips as high up as you can.  "Dip" your hip for 15 reps.  Switch sides.  Suck in your belly button!

Side Plank Twist.  Start in a side plank hand in the air, hips as high as you can.  Twist, pulling your arm under your body for 15 reps.  Switch sides.  Want to step it up?  Hold a weight!  And yes, you got it... suck in your belly button!

Side Leg Lift Crunch.  Start on your side with both your legs up, toes pointed towards the floor as much as possible (picture #1).  Lift your upper leg, toe pointed down, as high as you can (picture #2).  Go back to your starting position (picture #3).  Pull the same leg towards your chest.  Be careful to keep your knee parallel to the floor and do not hunch your chest (picture #4).  20 reps.

Complete this "Minus the Muffin Top" 5 Move post along with my other Fitness posts for a complete workout!

Check out this workout gear on my wish list!

Follow along for a personal look into my crazy, twin love, fashion life!
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Lulu Soler
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  1. LOVE this workout! i am totally pinning this for reference after baby comes!!

  2. Awesome post, thank you for sharing your tips and tricks! I really need to do a ton of those side plank hip dips! This is very inspiring and motivating, way to go. <3


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  3. thank you for this post
    love Vikee

  4. actually on my way to the gym... i've done those moves but they're hard! thanks for the tips! :) and love your workout outfit.

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  5. My muffin top is totally my problem area, well one of them. I need to start doing all of these. Have a great weekend Lulu!

  6. Wow. I have to do *this* everyday - I wish I could.


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